Room 324 [Saturday Morning]
girl!bobby wtf
"Oh no, no no no no no..."

Why yes, yet another of Fandom's normally biologically male residents was waking up to find they were in possession of girlparts today.

And shockingly, he was less than pleased about this.

Bobby was just going to hide under his covers and whine to himself for a while, thank you.

[ooc: door is closed, but post is open for the roomie or anyone who'd like to try dragging him out of there.]

Room 324 [Friday Afternoon]
While there was no shortage of people on the list of those Bobby actively personally disliked, very few of them had ever shown up in Fandom. Now, not only was one of those people here on the island, but Bobby was actually stuck being in the same room with him at least once a week. All in all, it was a decidedly unpleasant arrangement that made Fridays one of his least favorite days. Well, class with Scott salvaged it somewhat, but not entirely.

In any case, he was pacing nervously as he waited for Tara to show up, trying to figure out what he needed to say- and how to say it.

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Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada [Tuesday Morning]
So, as per usual with these sorts of nights, there had been many, many drinks. Followed by ridiculous ideas. And then more drinks. And penguins dressed in cat tutus. And then more drinks.

Which totally explained why there were five teenaged boys piled in a bed in a hotel room in Iqaluit, now the proud co-owners of a penguin sanctuary.

"Mrrrph," Bobby mumbled, burying his face in the shoulder of... whoever that was next to him. At least he didn't drool in his sleep?

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Some Bar on The Mainland, Monday Evening
thumbs up
...Look, what other way was there to deal with ridiculous Fandom shenanigans than excessive drinking?

Okay, there were plenty of ways, several of them healthier than getting ridiculously drunk, but this was the way Bobby chose to deal with things. He'd made a few calls to people of course, since getting drunk alone was just saaaaad.

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Secluded Spot on the Beach [Wednesday Afternoon]
So far, Bobby had made it through the day without bursting in to song. Well, besides the humming to himself as he'd made up a couple sandwiches to take to the beach for his training session with Angelica (being a mutant was hungry work, okay?). But that wasn't all that unusual in and of itself.

Putting the basket with sandwiches and other assorted snackery out of the way, he flopped down on a rock and just enjoyed the view. It was kind of nice to go to the beach when it wasn't all gross and hot out.

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Outside Room 324, Friday Morning Before Classes
The talk with Sookie had made a few very important things clear for Bobby. The first was that his father was well on the road to recovery, and didn't actually need all that much help day to day anymore. The second was that as much as that coupled with the fact that nearly all his earthly possessions had been wiped out (save for the few things he'd been keeping with him at his parents') had him feeling adrift and like there wasn't really any place where he belonged, there was someplace where he could feel that way again.


Not to mention, Sookie had her own schooling to get back to. As much as having her around had helped during those difficult months with his father, he felt guilty about uprooting her- even though it had actually been her idea.

Anyway, the end result was he'd looked in to re-registering at the school and had found that the first week of classes hadn't quite passed by, and that there were open spots in a couple of the Friday classes. That taken care of, he'd booked a portal and headed back.

Small problem? Once he actually got to the dorm room he'd once called his own, he realized one very important fact: he didn't have a key anymore. And sure, he could've just gone down to the office and gotten a new one, but this was Bobby Drake we're talking about. He didn't think of that.

Instead? He was just gonna knock on the door to 324, duffel bag slung over his shoulder, and hope that Warren hadn't been assigned a new roommate since he'd been gone.

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Westchester, New York, Bobby's Earth-616 [Early Friday Morning Fandom-Time]
"I am not enjoying this!" Cecilia Reyes wailed as she, Bobby, Sookie, and Marrow ice-slid through the woods on the outskirts of a quaint little hamlet called Salem Center.

I kind of got that impression from your nails digging in to my neck, but thanks for spelling it out...Collapse )
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The Past Few Days, Bobby's Earth-616 [Late Thursday Fandom-Time]
It all started with a newscast...Collapse )

[ooc: cut for length and extensive speechifying. dialogue taken and slightly modified from the operation: zero tolerance crossover. oh, 90s comics. nfb for distance, natch.]

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aw shucks
to the wonderful anonface who gifted Bobby's account with paid time <3 <3 <3 YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR.

Some Other Plane of Existence, Somewhere [Saturday Evening Fandom-Time]
uh oh
The Auditors weren't the only ones concerning themselves with worlds suddenly getting... messy. Millenia ago, a group of beings called the Celestials had willed a world into existence out of the desire to perform an experiment.

That experiment had culminated itself in the birth of Franklin Richards, who'd created his own world-experiment in a desperate bid to save those he loved. Which pleased the Celestials, as it meant their work had not been in vain.

Except now where there had been one world there were suddenly two. This could not be allowed. And so they'd been prepared to offer Franklin a choice: destroy the world of his birth, or the world he'd created. Only one could survive.

But then, somehow, the choice was made for him as one of the worlds winked out of existence. The Celestials didn't concern themselves with the hows or whys, just that it had happened and it was for the best.

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