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Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Sunday Evening
So... moving day. Sort of. Bobby hadn't actually finished packing up his stuff in Fandom yet, since he still had, like, people to say goodbye to and all that, but Sookie's stuff was all ready to go, and moving in together meant he totally had a legitimate reason to claim one of the bigger rooms in the mansion (not that any of them were small, but. You know).

So today had been spent portaling over Sookie's stuff and then hauling Bobby's up a flight of stairs.

"Ugh," he declared, flopping dramatically on the bed. "I am done."

Bobby. Most of the room was still in boxes.

[ooc: for that girl and nfb for distance!]

"It's all still in boxes," Sookie pointed out, arching a brow. "So no, not really so much with the 'done,' honey. But we can be done for now."

"That's what I meant!" Bobby protested feebly.

No it wasn't.

"Telepath," she replied, flopping on the bed beside him and looking over. "I mean, they are very decorative cardboard boxes."

"It's totally the latest in interior design," Bobby said with a nod.

"We could just draw on them and leave them out. I mean, it's just everything I own," Sookie agreed, as though this were very reasonable.

"Sounds like a plan," Bobby said, shifting slightly so he could put an arm around her shoulders.

"We can do it with your stuff when it gets here from Fandom, too," she added. "Why decorate anything? Cardboard is economical and good for the environment, and it means we don't have to get any of that Swedish furniture Eric likes so much."

"That stuff breaks if you look at it sideways anyway," Bobby said knowingly. The ability of furniture to withstand stuff being thrown at it (or being thrown around) was sort of key in the Xavier mansion. A fact which Sookie was likely to find out soon.

"What about if you have sex on it?" she wondered, waggling her eyebrows at him.

Such were the concerns in Bon Temps, okay?

"Either way, that might be an incentive to get things out of the boxes," she added. "Much though I wish I could just...magic it all unpacked." Sookie glanced over, eyes lighting up. "Don't suppose anyone here has that power?"

"There's probably someone with telekinesis around," Bobby admitted. Possibly Jean, although her powers fluctuated so often he was never really sure these days.

"And we carried those boxes up here?" Sookie asked, shaking her head.

"I know, hey?" Bobby complained. "What good even are they?"

"Almost as useless as being in Fandom," she sighed, tsking.

Bobby snickered at that. "I'm telling Karla you called her useless." Only after you did the same for your teammates, Bobby. "Are you all set for classes?" he asked.

"Just about," she said with a nod. "Second year's looking harder. Less fun general ed stuff, more actual...focus on my major. ESU's history department looks pretty awesome and extensive, too."

Which was fine with her. She just wasn't sure how Yankees were gonna take a history major with a Southern accent. It had maybe been causing a little bit of anxiety and a few (very sad) attempts at relaxing her twang a little.

"Too bad we won't get to take any classes together," Bobby pouted. Between the unpredictable time-weirdness which was going to mysteriously stop now, strangely enough and distance education, he'd managed to finish off all but the last year of his Accounting degree.

"You could always take some courses for funsies?" she suggested hopefully.

"Because me and academics get along so well," Bobby scrunched his nose up at her.

Bobby, you're not stupid, you're just a bad student. There's a difference.

"You just don't apply yourself," Sookie replied, agreeing with his narrative as she leaned over to press a kiss to his cheek. "If I were more of a nag I'd lecture you about it. But I think I'll refrain from startin' in on you our very first day of cohabiting."

Sookie's word-of-the-day calendar, incidentally, was in one of the boxes.

"That's terribly nice of you," he teased, reaching over to play with her hair absently. "...Does it still count as our first official day if I have to go back to Fandom to get some more stuff?" he wondered.

"...are you sleeping here tonight?" Sookie asked, because that was the vital part of this decision.

"I could be persuaded to..."

It would not be very hard to do so.

"What would I need to persuade you?" Sookie asked, shifting so that being able to see down her shirt was kind of inevitable. She knew him well. "I can go get everyone to sign a petition or something...."

"I don't," oooh, boobies, "really. Um. Think that'll be necessary."

"I mean, I could take a poll," she said, tilting her head and fiddling a little with her shirt collar.


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