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Emma's Dorm Room, ESU, Saturday Morning
After too many rounds of poker to count, a good portion of the Space Battles marathon, and way too much junk food than was healthy for your average teenage male, Bobby had finally made his way back to his own room and flopped out on the bed, sleeping the sleep of the thoroughly partied out.

So when he woke up Saturday morning to what seemed like an insistent, low-level buzzing, he just assumed Warren was watching TV on his laptop or something.

"C'n you turn it down, buddy?" he muttered, rolling over and pulling a pillow over his head.

And then sitting up with a start, because something here was not right. Scrambling out of bed, he immediately noticed two things: one, he once again had the whole girl-body thing going on. Two, he was not in his room. A quick survey of the room located a hand mirror, and he held it up to his face with trepidation. When he saw the face looking back at him, he shrieked and flung the mirror across the room.

"Okay," Bobby said to himself. "Okay. Breathe. Phone, phone, she's gotta have a phone around here somewhere..." Finding said phone, he dialed, well- himself. What the hell had she done to him?

[ooc: for the one whose body he's inhabiting!]

There was a phone ringing. Why was there a phone - and not her phone? - ringing?

Emma groaned and rolled over, throwing back the sheets - which were also not her sheets? - to find the phone, when she stopped. These hands were also not her hands with her new manicure. Point of fact, they were BOY hands, and Emma felt a familiar - yet very unwelcome - sensation ripple over her as the flare of panic.

She only paused long enough to verify that, yes, the caller ID said she was the one calling, before answering. Hopefully this phone was cold-resistant.


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT DID I DO?" Bobby shrieked back. Huh. Who knew Emma's voice could go that high? "I'm not the one who runs around taking over people's bodies! What did you do?"

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"I did my business ethics homework and went to bed early last night, so I could be up for my Saturday morning kickboxing class!" Emma yelled back. "How am I supposed to get to class now, you moron?"

"All I did was play cards and eat chips," Bobby replied. "And I don't know where the hell you get off thinking you can call me a moron when I had nothing to do with this, but I don't give a shit about your stupid class. I'm getting a portal over there, and then you are fixing this."

Hopefully before he used up his italics quota for the month.

"I didn't do this, idiot," Emma scoffed. "Last time this happened it was your fault, if you recall. I don't go around swapping bodies for funsies, especially not when I have plans."

"And I cannot fix this. I am stuck in your lame body, and you have my powers."

"Oh yeah," Bobby said sarcastically. "Last time was totally me going 'hey, know what'd be cool? transferring my consciousness into someone else's body!' Except I can't do that because I AM NOT A TELEPATH." Except for how he kind of was, at the moment. "And you fixed it fine last time once you realized that taking other people's bodies for joyrides is not cool. Just do it again."

"Last time Sookie and Karla fixed it, and I do not appreciate your commentary, because you are a telepath at the moment," Emma snapped, and the sheets frosted over. "God, why are your powers so temperamental? I look like a hedgehog."

"Ugh," Bobby groaned. "I don't know, that's just how they work," he admitted, calming down somewhat. "Just- don't go running around doing stuff with them, would you? Please?" He took a deep breath, trying to figure out how to put into words what he did instinctively. "It might help if you kinda... picture drawing the ice back into yourself? And what I normally look like."

"I should just make the ice bluer, go super-spikey, and walk around answering to Sonic," Emma bitched. "Yes, Robert, I know the meaning of subtle. I won't leave the room or let anyone in until you stop resembling Jack Frost."

"Now stop whining and get a portal and come give me my body back!"


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