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School Grounds, Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Thursday Afternoon
Okay, so having awesome ice powers (whose status as "awesome" fluctuated with Bobby's moods, but details) and being reasonably athletic meant that Bobby was, naturally, pretty in to winter sports. Sure, he still couldn't skate all that well when forced to use proper skates, but the aforementioned awesome ice powers meant that didn't actually prevent him from playing hockey or participating in other skating-related sports.

But hockey wasn't what he was here for today. No, a portion of the lawn had been transformed into a sheet of ice with blue and red circles on either end, and Bobby was sitting- rather uncomfortably- on a large circular piece of granite with a handle sticking out of it, as he read over the sheaf of papers in his hand.

"I don't get it," he admitted, finally, making a face at the curling rules.

[ooc: for the wife! or... anyone who feels like calling, i suppose.]

"I thought hockey was confusing," Sookie complained, trying to read over his shoulder.

"'Take my PE class while I'm gone', Wolverine said, 'It'll be easy, we're doing winter sports, that's totally your thing', he said. I feel like he left out some very important information." Like the fact that in all his Canadianness, Logan hadn't been teaching them hockey, but rather curling.

"See, I'd just have 'em play hopscotch or something," Sookie said, shaking her head. "That'll show him."

This is why you weren't asked to sub, Sookie.

"Oh sure, and have him be all," he held up a hand, forming a set of ice-claws, "'Bub, are you messing with my curriculum?' at me? Nooooo thanks."

Awww, look at Bobby using big words like 'curriculum'.

"Like he's following a curriculum," Sookie said, rolling her eyes. "I don't see Logan being a big believer in common core."

She kept trying to read the rules over Bobby's shoulder all the same. "So you hit the rock with a broom? Or...does the broom go before the rock?"

"You throw the rock, I think. And then the brooms... I think they're to make the ice more slippy?" Which, pfft, Bobby didn't need a broom for that, but he was well aware that not everyone had (awesome) ice powers, so.

"This game is kinda dumb," Sookie decided. "Sorry, Canada. Maybe you can do to improve curling to make it less dumb? Critical thinking skills!"

"Maybe," Bobby mused. "Except... that would be admitting defeat. I'm an X-Man, Sookie. I don't want to admit defeat. Especially defeat at the hands of giant rocks and cleaning supplies."

"It's not admitting defeat, it's creative problem-solving," Sookie corrected. "This is like the equivalent of finding a locked door and instead of just giving up 'cause you don't have the key, you freeze the lock and break the door open! Think outside the box, babe."

Sookie just really didn't get curling, was the thing.

Neither did Bobby, but Bobby was stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. "I'm not giving up! I'm just... making my own key."

Bobby, your grasp of metaphor needs some work.

"Without any clue of how the lock actually works," Sookie pointed out, fairly sure that she still grasped this metaphor enough to make her point. Probably.

"And that's stopped me before because...?" Bobby pointed out. Glancing down at his phone as it lit up with another text message, he added: "What are your feelings on Brazil?"

No reason. Really. Not like they knew anyone over there or anything...

"It's warmer there than here," she said immediately, raising a brow. "What's Kennedy saying?"

"That she's got a guest room that ought to be put to use," Bobby relayed.

"I endorse this plan," Sookie said, already clapping her hands together eagerly...until she deflated with realization. "...we still have to figure out curling first, though, huh?"

Damn it.

Hey, look, Bobby, you had a text message incoming!

So just FYI I was going to taunt you about how it's summer here, ergo nice and toasty, except I can't actually taunt YOU that way.

Honestly, Bobby was grateful for the distraction from curling in all its confusing glory.

You could taunt Sookie but I don't think I'm supposed to encourage that.

Yeah, but I wouldn't do that to her.

Were you picturing Kennedy with one of those far-too-self-satisfied but mostly teasing smirks right now, Bobby? Because if you were that was a 110% accurate picture.

Bobby was actually pretty okay with other people not wanting to tease his wife, though.

Careful or maybe I'll decide it's time for a visit.

Yes, Bobby. Threaten one of your closest friends with your presence. So intimidating.

Excellent strategy, Bobby. Really effective.

Yeah, well, you know me. I like to live dangerously. Comes with the job but I'm sorta always on the clock.

Which was to say--

I mean, we have a rocking guest room. Just saying.

p sure it would take exactly 0 seconds for me to convince Sookie this = good idea. Bobby texted back.

Though I'm covering a class for someone atm so we'd have to wait until he's back.

Wait wait they're letting you warp impressionable young minds now?

Pot, kettle, Kennedy.

excuse u i will have you know I have been teaching math classes since SEPTEMBER

Not that this was a math class, but details.

You're all old and responsible now. Scary. How did we let this happen?

She might fall at least partly under that label herself now, but was Kennedy ever going to stop being a smartass about it? No.

I had an evil calc prof last semester, and I totally called it. Not that Will believed it until my homework sort of summoned a minor demon in the middle of our living room. 'cause why have math problems that are just a pain in the ass when you can have ones that secretly double as conjuring spells in some bizarro demon language, right?

Possibly the actual scary thing about this was that she took a calculus class.


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