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A Clearing in... the Savage Land? Thursday Morning, Fandom-Time
True to Bobby's prediction, they had indeed not ended up back in Fandom after last night's escapades. Rather, there had been a safari adventure that had escalated rather quickly and... Bobby really only had the vaguest recollection of why he'd fallen asleep outside, clinging to his best friend.

... Well, okay, he knew the answer to the second part and that was that Warren's wings were all fluffy and kind of comfortable.

"Nrrrph." On some planet that may have been something resembling a 'good morning' greeting. Maybe.

[ooc: for the safari-goers!]

"Caffeine," Topher pleaded weakly, which was... pretty impressively coherent, considering.

Probably because he was curled up around a Billy, which made everything nicer.

"No," Bobby shook his head. "Thos're trees." Big freakin' palm trees, actually.

"Face is a tree," Topher mumbled.

That was probably meant to be an insult? Perhaps?

"You're a tree."

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"Does coffee exist here? Please, tell me coffee exists here."

Warren would be so sad to learn otherwise. He needed his morning coffee. He needed it because if he didn't get it, heads would roll and that would be bad.

"'f it doesn't," Topher said, "someone with powers's gotta to stomp on beans to make it."

So... not him. That was the important part.

"Bobby's job," Warren decided, because he was caring like that. "My powers are boring."

So there.

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"Excellent idea," Victor agreed, making absolutely no move to procure such a thing.

Moving itself was feeling like a challenge.

Topher groaned and rolled onto his back, tentatively squinting one eye open. That was a terrible idea, so he promptly shut it again. "Viiiictor," he whined. "Make the sun go 'way."

This was Victor's job. Because he was the newbie. Or something.

"Go 'way, sun," Victor said, and gestured vaguely heavenward with a charged hand without even sitting up.

He succeeded at electrocuting a palm tree. The sun stayed where it was.

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Billy moaned and buried his face against Topher's chest. "No, five more minutes," he said weakly.

"Million more minutes," Topher countered in a mumble, because yes, sleep was good, he was very much in favor of more sleep. Especially the kind with cuddling. "I like this bed."

Topher, that was not a bed, it was a Billy.

"I don't think I'm a bed." Honestly, he wasn't sure of anything at the moment, except that he was kind of warm. "Don't go anywhere?"

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Warren was face-down on the ground.


Why was Warren face-down on the ground?

"Please someone tell me I'm wearing pants."

Look, he didn't remember much from last night, but he did remember that not ending up in a loincloth had been a major sticking point for him, for some reason. He hadn't wound up in a loincloth, fortunately.

Hopefully the people around him didn't mind seeing him laying around in his boxers, though.

Pffft, Warren. Bobby had shared a dorm room with you for years, remember? "Noooot exactly?"

Well, clearly Warren hadn't been worried about Bobby.

"... But I'm not wearing a rag on my butt?"

He could be wearing a miniskirt and he'd take that knowledge with more grace than a loincloth, okay?

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"Think you are," Victor said softly. "I don't want to turn my head enough to look."

His healing nanites seemed to have soaked up the alcohol and taken the rest of the day off, so Victor's brain basically felt about to explode. Hooray.

See, Victor had a hangover as a perfectly valid excuse. Warren... mostly, Warren just had that it was morning and he hadn't had his coffee yet.

Healing factor.

"Fair enough," he mumbled, wrinkling his nose. "You gonna live, there?"

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"Place smells awful," Victor contributed, eyes still closed. He felt something warm and bristly under one hand, groped it until it head-butted him in annoyance.

That was enough to get him to sit up.

"Madre de dios, I got the goat," he said in dismay and astonishment, as the creature wandered a few steps away to graze. "Where are we?"

"Antarctica," Bobby informed him. "Um. Not the cold part." Obviously. "The other part." The prehistoric tropical nature preserve part.

"Savage Land," Victor supplied, gawking at it. "So .. basically this would be amazing if I didn't feel like crap."

Bobby squinted at Victor. "...Are you hungover?" He hadn't known cyborgs could get hungover. But then, he hadn't known too many cyborgs who didn't also want to kill him, so. He'd never really had chance to find out.

Bobby, it should be noted, was looking decidedly not hung over. Not quite awake, but definitely not hung over.

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Whoever's phone had the most obnoxious ringtone? That was the one Ben was calling right now.

"Oh, good," Bobby said, upon answering. "You weren't eaten by a dinosaur."

"You found dinosaurs? Man, I went home too early."


"Where ARE you?"

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