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Room 324 [Thursday Afternoon]
Some people, after years of sharing close quarters with a roommate, might be glad to finally get the room to themselves.

Bobby... was kinda finding it a bit too lonely for his liking.

At least he still had Thor?

He had the rabbit on his lap and was kind of idly giving him ear-skritches as he sat at his desk and worked on some budget allocation stuff for Kennedy. No, not for her workshop, for that other job of hers- which meant figuring out how to adjust for rates of inflation between 2003 and 2012.

He'd told Angelica his door was open anytime she wanted to talk about whatever had gone on back home, so he made a point of making sure his door was literally open while he worked.

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Angelica didn't have classes on Thursday, so after she'd done a little more settling in in her room, she headed to the third floor and poked her head in Bobby's door. "Hi!" she said. "You're not busy, are you?"

"Not with anything that can't wait," Bobby assured her, gesturing for her to come in.

Angelica closed the door behind her to thwart any pesky squirrels, then sat down on edge of Bobby's bed. "You were right," she said glumly.

He'd thought as much, but managed to resist saying it himself. "About what?" he asked gently, closing his laptop and swiveling his chair around to face her.

"Ms. Frost didn't have my best interests at heart after all," Angelica said. "Which means that the X-Men weren't trying to trick me when they were so nice to me." After she'd tried to kill them. Stupid Empath.

"Yeah," Bobby winced. "That's- kinda how she works. She does what's best for Emma, and doesn't always concern herself with how that affects the rest of us." It was something he'd made his peace with a long time ago.

"She wanted to turn me into a killer," Angelica said. "She wanted me to be her assassin. She even killed Butter Rum and made me think I did it!"

That was definitely up there on the top of the list of Emma's crimes.

"...Butter Rum?" Bobby had to ask. Was that- a code name?

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"My horse," Angelica explained. "Ms. Frost let me think my microwave powers killed him. It was all a trick to make me depend on her more and do whatever she said."

[Subtext to Karla: "Take me now, Bobby, I need you."]

"What the deuce?" Bobby wondered, and then frowned, because that... hadn't been the word he'd intended to say. Like, at all. "That's messed up, even for her."

[translation: *shoves Angelica up against the wall and starts making out*]

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"She said someone called 'The Black Queen' was trying to kill her," Angelica went on. "And she told me that she'd killed Randall, my bodyguard." She had to pause for a moment to work past the lump in her throat; despite the age difference, Randall had been her only real friend at the Academy.

"He wasn't dead, though, not yet," she said. "He managed to get to me and tell me how Ms. Frost was behind every bad thing that had happened to me there before he died."

[Translation: "Let's do it on Warren's bed, Bobby! That way we can pretend he's here, too."]

Bobby bit his lip, trying to decide whether to mention the fact that Emma was on the island or not. On the one hand, if she didn't already know she might appreciate the heads up. On the other, telling her now might end badly. And on the other, third hand- the Emma on-island wasn't the one who'd hurt Angelica. "Did you go to the X-Men for help, once you knew what was going on?" he asked instead.

[translation: "That's an excellent idea," Bobby murmured, all but dragging Angelica over to said bed.]

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Angelica had the decency to look a little sheepish, because going to Professor Xavier for help would've been the sensible thing to do. "No," she admitted. "I got really mad and went after Ms. Frost. And I kinda blew up her school."

[Translation: Angelica fell back on the bed, pulling Bobby with her. "Make love to me like only a mutant can!" she said.]

"Naturally," Bobby couldn't resist saying dryly. Because blowing up buildings was actually a fairly standard occurrence in the Marvelverse. "But at least hopefully she got the message to leave you alone from now on?"

[translation: Bobby, naturally, could do nothing but comply. Hopefully the people in the adjoining rooms wouldn't be disturbed by the noise.]

She was the first one to blow up Emma's school. She did it before it was cool!

"I told her to, and I haven't seen her since I left," Angelica said, nodding. That had been a relief. She'd been looking over her shoulder until she'd gotten back to Fandom.

"Good for you," Bobby said firmly. "Though, um. Did you know she's here in town? Not the one from your reality. The Emma who was a student here."

"She is?" Angelica said, a little dismayed. "I thought she graduated. I know she's not the exact same person as from my world, but it's kind of creepy."

"You're telling me," Bobby said totally not nearly a week later, wtf comment posting fail. "She and I have a kind of... complicated history too, so I get it."

That was all right. The FIRES OF HER PASSION kept her warm while she waited for the next ping.

"As long as she leaves me alone, I guess I'll just try to keep away from her," Angelica said with a shrug. "Maybe she won't do the same things as the her from my world did."

"Hopefully," Bobby nodded. "Sookie's one of her best friends. I like to think she's had some sort of positive influence."


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